Welcome Danca - "Look up... life is passing by" (2021)

Artist: Welcome Danca

Title: “Look up, life is passing by” (2021)

Medium: Oil and Acrylic on canvas (Unstretched/Unframed)

Size: 70 cm x 46 cm

Status: Available


  • Welcome has often made reference to the state of society, to the fact that when he travelled by taxi from #queensbourough to #Durban he would often discover a family member (he has a large family) and they would catch up on family news from the great #KwaZuluNatal area… however today no one talks to each other, everyone is looking down-  involved in a world that holds no value to them , tells no truths and makes no honest and real connections… a world that is creating a disconnect of its beautiful people.

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