Art Eye Gallery is a vibrant, dynamic contemporary art space, which celebrates African artworks and sensibilities. It is through an investigation of African art making, that we have located our space as a platform on which a number of artists are given artistic freedom, within a picturesque exhibition space.

The gallery breathes an air of sophistication and freshness, giving our visitors an experience of art that is thoughtful and accessible. Art Eye is a wonderful space that promotes African art and art making and lives by the notion that art should be for everyone.

At Art Eye Gallery, We specialize in building collections, sourcing those seldom found, often overlooked gems of yesteryear, special pieces that seldom come to the market and the development of young talent with passion. Our vast collection includes works of artists like Lionel Murcott, Terri Broll and Toni Bico, spanning to our vast collection of established select masters, both celebrated and forgotten.

We are happy to personally view your home, office or any space in which you are looking for new artwork. Our process is particularly liquid and we encourage a collaborative exchange to ensure you find the appropriate collection for your space. We house a vast collection of work and our close relationship with our artists also gives us room to create works that you have envisioned and commission on of a kind pieces that reflect your personal aesthetic.