Art Eye Gallery has directed its focus on being a platform for great expression and story telling. Our artists are not only dedicated to their individual practices but express narratives that are directly focused on what it means to live in South Africa. With great diversity and cultural miscellany, South African Contemporary Visual Art communicates a continent of richness not only of being but also of art making to an international audience.

In an age where our traditions, ideologies and socio-political stance can affect and disable the often fragile interaction with those around us. We are constantly influx as we try to negotiate our individual realities and simultaneously exchanging those differences between each other through interactions and various mediums. Visual Arts within Contemporary South Africa seems to highlight this interplay as artists use their own narratives as subject matter for their works. Contemporary Visual Arts seems to transcend its object(ness) as a commercial commodity and exists often as a signifier of the space and time, which we occupy.

ART EYE GALLERY is an independently owned company that has developed beyond exhibition and gallery functionality. The gallery now includes various studio in New Doornfontein, Johannesburg.

AE The Launchpad, our new exhibition space that has recently been completed is a pristine exhibition space where guests are invited to experience Art sensually. The visuals that are placed on the walls are complimented by hints of ylang ylang, amidst a cacophony of instruments filling the room. The moody dark space allows our visitors the room to intimately and quietly engage with the work. The space will host an array of different art forms from video, performance, musical and installation artists, broadening our scope but still maintaining a direction towards original production and creativity.