The Art Eye Studio Spaces are creative work studios dedicated to providing ample avenues to the production of art. AETheStudiobox(es) are ventures of Art Eye Gallery aimed to continue the idea of free expression and community by providing artists with privacy in their personal working space. Artists are placed in the Studio Boxes for unlimited time periods allowing for greater exploration and for the development of new bodies of work. The Studios are so designed as to allow artists to work without interruption but to also work alongside other artists, galleries and creative spaces in Ellis House Art Studios.

AETheStudiobox was initially conceived through Art Eye’s collaboration with artist Thokozani Mthiyane. This venture proved fruitful exploding in a plethora of new work and innovative visual expression. Mthiyane has since from our first Studio Box allowing veteran artist Dominic Tshabangu to take on residence in AETheStudioBox. Dominic Tshabangu has been working with Art Eye Gallery for the past three years and it is quite serendipitous to have Tshabangu as a more permanent part if the Art Eye family. AETheStudioBox(es) allow for a multitude of collaborations and explorations as artists work in their separate and private studio spaces on the second floor. The Ellis House Art Studios Building is specifically dedicated to the exchange of artistic sensibilities and practices of different creative practitioners.