AE The Studio is a collaborative studio hosted in the middle of Art Eye Gallery. The vast studio space allows artists to work every day along side the Art Eye Team and our other artists. Artists have been invited to participate in workshops, live drawing sessions and residencies thus far; creating a platform for interdisciplinary interventions as well as allowing for the exhibition of diverse visual art forms. Our new gallery space that has recently been completed and is a pristine exhibition space where guests are invited to experience Art sensually. The visuals that are placed on the walls are complimented by hints of ylang ylang, amidst a cacophony of instruments filling the room. The moody dark space allows our visitors the room to intimately and quietly engage with the work. The space will host an array of different art forms from video, performance, musical and performative installation. We are active everyday in broadening our scope but still maintaining a direction towards original production and creativity.

Art Eye is focused on creating platforms for emerging and established artists to gain exposure and create sustainable visual arts careers. The Art Eye spaces concomitantly bridge the gap between the formal exhibition space and workshop space allowing for artists to experiment, converse and express their innermost thoughts through the visual arts medium. It is our belief that visual arts stands to not only reflect a contemporary aesthetic but more importantly reflect the perspective of our current society.

AE The Studio, AE The Launchpad and AE The Project Room function in adjoining spaces, creating a synchronicity between traditional studio spaces and exhibition spaces. AE The Launchpad and AE The Project Room are vibrant new spaces where we hope to explore the infinite scope of South African art making, by shining a light on new and upcoming artists.