Terri Broll was born in Johannesburg. Broll holds both a Masters degree in Fine Art and a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. She combines these two trajectories in her work to produce images that confront the viewer in a disturbing yet humorous way. She is extremely skilled as a painter and uncompromising in what she paints remaining faithful only to her own process. Her paintings continually evolve and often express disturbing aspects of the personal and the wider social unconscious. Broll’s preferred medium is oil and wax, the wax giving the work an ambiguous texture that suggests disturbing and humorous images.

Her work has a quality of image that seduces the viewer into a realm that is familiar but not consciously thought about. This combination creates a relationship with the viewer and the ongoing artwork. This method enables a finished product that provides ambiguity for open-ended interpretations of the work. Broll is interested in the subliminal spaces occupied by disavowed aspects of self-representations that can traditionally be found in-jokes and slips of the tongue. These spaces exist or operate below the threshold of consciousness designed to influence the mental process of the viewer.