Lucas Sithole was born on the 15th of November 1931, in KwaThema, Springs, Gauteng and died in 1995. He became known as Lucas Thandokwazi Sithole, after shying away from his given Zulu name “ncane”. meaning “small”. He lived with his grandmother from a young age, who influenced his art making, as she was a famous potter. She not only enhanced his talents but also prompted his initial interest in sculpture and art making. She encouraged him and fired his imagination with legends about spirits and creatures of the night.

These legends and stories had a profound influence on his art. Sithole did not receive any formal sculputural and instead he studied carpentry, chiselling, welding and other crafts and trades. He learned about the qualities of wood and the tools to use for sculpting. Later he began to combine other materials into his work, mixing concrete for builders into his pieces. He spent his spare time carving and experimenting with paint.

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