David Koloane was born David Nthubu Koloane, in Alexandra, Johannesburg. He received his art training from 1974 to 1977 at the Bill Ainslie Studios, which was later known as the Johannesburg Art Foundation. Koloane is well known in the South African art industry for his pioneering efforts in the establishment of black artists, since the 1970’s. The Federated Union of Black Artists (FUBA) was first established in 1977, of which Koloane was a co-founder. Koloane was active in creating spaces for black artists, generating interest in their work and offering them spaces where their work can be viewed.

FUBA and The Bag Factory are examples of Koloanes contributions to creating visibility for black artists. Koloane has been celebrated because his art reflects the personal struggle to illuminate the experiences of black South Africans to the world. His work is often recurring and commonly depicts township scenes, dogs, cityscapes and jazz music. Along with his artistic practice Koloane is also an educator, writer, curator and facilitator.

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