Kobus Walker is a Pretoria based artist. He was born in Rustenburg in 1971. He matriculated in 1989 and studied at the Pretoria Technikon and completed a Fine Arts diploma in 1992. On completion of his studies, Walker worked as a muralist abroad for 10 years, where he learnt to work on larger scales and allowing him to develop his techniques. Walkers works were included in a number of different group exhibitions. He started working as a full-time artist in 2007, he had his first solo exhibition in 2008 at The Gallery Duncan Yard, Hatfield, Pretoria.

His work is mostly theme based and are realized through the combination of 3 South African elements: our people, our love for food and our interaction with nature through landscapes. Walker’s work takes inspiration from SA artists Pierneef and Tretchikoff. Walker takes these influences and restructures them to his own indigenous statement in a contemporary context. His medium is oil on wood which is applied in thin layers of paint. The use of earthly colours and stipple technique shows the influence of Neo-Impressionism, where the use of small dashes of paint refers to pointillism.

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