Brad Gray was born in Germany in 1971, he has since lived in Ireland, England, Saudi Arabia, Borneo, Colorado, Sardinia and Vietnam. Brad Gray’s work draws inspiration from the technical mastery of Vuillard, Bonnard and Sickert, as well as more modern painters such as Phil Hale, Neo Rauch and Adrien Ghenni. His art is constantly evolving, it never remains stagnant and mirrors a vast catalogue of experiences, with peculiar characters in strange surreal landscapes.

Gray enjoys the process of applying layered paint through glazes, sanding and scraping back and then rebuilding to form a rich history and ‘web’ of steps both forward and back. Gray’s work references a world we live in, but also one not entirely of our own. Satire and politics feature now and then but more often a spiritual leaning of the dualities that prevail in everyday life are strong recurring themes: Light and dark, peace and violence etc. His artwork can sometimes be dark and unsettling causing the viewer to question our notions of the time and space.

Sometimes the pieces are large elaborate Bruegalesque images in an allegoric setting with underlying sub plots which lead to some wayward horizon. The smaller pieces are quieter studies in mood and paint application they focus primarily on building layers of texture through the use of tonal variation and loose brushstrokes

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