Themba Benedict Khumalo was born on the 16 February 1987 in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa. Khumalo graduated from Artist Proof Studio in printmaking, where he obtained a Design Foundation Certificate. He went on to do a professional printmaking development course under the sponsorship of Pinpoint One, at Artist Proof Studio in 2009 where he was an intern in the silkscreen unit and special project team. Khumalo is interested in exploring different mediums, such as charcoal drawings and painting.

He has been involved in number of group exhibitions, commissions and special projects, such as painting murals in the Eastern Cape and being invited to exhibit in a grouup show at Isolate del Cinema festival in Rome, Italy. Khumalo’s work ingages with issues that one faces in the dynamic and tempramental city of Johannesburg; the beauty as well as the challenges incounted on a daliy basis. He also acknowledges the foundation and direction of home; “I am who I am because of my upbringing” say’s Khumalo. He uses techniques such as etching, drypoint and monoprint as they allow him to achieve strong, intense line, different effects and textures. He can also get unexpected false bites, which to him represent the imitation of life, the fact you can not predict what is going to happen tomorrow.

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