Toni Bico was born in Quelimane, Mozambique in 1963. His works are found in private collections locally and abroad. His childhood was spent on a remote cattle farm in Mozambique which left lasting impressions of rural Africa on Toni. Toni’s first drawings were done in primary school in South Africa to illustrate his schoolwork. He drew to communicate, to express himself and to be recognised as an individual. These experiences were to become some of his most enduring influences and are a recurring theme in his work.

Art Eye Gallery has the pleasure of hosting his most recent showing of artwork in solo exhibition entitled Kaleidoscope. This exhibition is a collection of Toni Bico’s most recent body of work in his debut exhibition at Art Eye entitled Kaleidoscope. The exhibition is an exploration of colour, texture through layered brushstroke, combined appliqué and original pattern. The patterns are created through the artists own aesthetic sensibility which may only be determined by his state of mind during his process of working, on any given day. The paintings are thus subject to constant visual fluctuation and can not find resolution, until he feels he has completed them.

Bico’s intentional and bold use of colour with shape, provides a multilayered visual kaleidoscope which fluidly interplays between abstraction and figurative painting. Bico presents this body of work as a reflection of his understanding of form and colour through the adaptation of traditional methods of representation and composition. Kaleidoscope is a stimulating showing of an intrepid selection of contemporary works by Toni Bico.

The exhibition opens on Wednesday 24 May 2017 at 18:30pm.