Ad-Reflex - Wafts of Windplay

Artist: Ad-Reflex

Title: Wafts of Windplay (2021)

Medium: Oil, 3D modelling and and Digital Collage on C-type print, facemount glossy plexi / alu-dibond 2+5 mm.

Size: 150 cm x 200cm

“Wafts of Windplay” by AD-Reflex references “Abduction of a Sabine woman” (1579-83) by the Flemish sculptor, Giambologna, with a new savage pictorial inventiveness. The Bacon(esque) use of cubic or elliptic cages or frames strengthen the idea of endless ‘staging’; that everything can mix with everything, that everything is possible and in perpetual transformation. Triviality mingles with glamour, banality with sophistication, and despair with beauty.

AD-Reflex’s entire sensibility appears to be stretched between irreconcilable extremes. In their hands, history and fact turn out to be disturbingly malleable and imprecise. They draw on any source which might provide the mythical structure to underpin their imagery. Diverse sources ranging from Greek mythology, Caravaggio, Francis Bacon, Twenty First Century culture, technologies and symbols mix and co-exist freely.

Through extensive layering (digital collage, 3-D modelling techniques and oil paint), their work borders on the ‘alchemical’ where no clear distinction can be drawn between the painterly and the digital.

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