Neda was born in 1973 in Tehran, Iran. Neda Tavallaee grew up in England up until the age of ten. Tavallaee returned to Iran after the revolution in the middle of the Iran -Iraq war with her family. This drastic change with all the differences had a major effect on the way she observed life as a child and later as a woman in the Middle East. Many things contradicted themselves internally. As an artist, she decided to state her own experience as an Iranian woman living in this turbulent day and age. Leading her to depict her personal take of life in Iran.

As religion is ever-present and many things are considered taboo in our culture, she decided to begin by internalizing her experiences and how to see life and reflect on it. As some things that one despises others may love, respect, and consider the only truth. Many things in the Persian culture are beautiful for her as such she submerged herself in, poetry, music, and wonderful miniatures for stimulation. Coming from a region with a vast diversity in people and tribes, storytelling through Tavallaee’s work has become a refuge for her. So like all she strives to make her life magical on a day-to-day basis.

Tavallaee lives in a garden in the Alborz province with her husband, two dogs, two canaries, and five fish. This is very enriching as she can work far from the humdrum and pollution of Tehran.

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