Rika Senekal, was born in Parys in February 1964. Rika obtained a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from Potchefstroom University, and began working at Salem Ceramics. In 2001, Rika made the decision to start her own ceramics studio.
“I am comfortable with different disciplines of art such as painting, sculpture and ceramics, although I view myself as an amateur and continuously learning. I have always considered myself a ceramicist with a passion for sculpture and painting. Because I have established my career as a ceramicist, the other two disciplines have always been just for the sake of satisfying my soul, but recently I have discovered the need to express myself more intensely.

Abstract painting allows me to express myself to the extent where the work flows intuitively and enables me to be completely in the moment. I paint what I feel, where I sometimes throw, drip, brush or even apply paint with my fingers to the canvas. Although I like to experiment with different styles, techniques and mediums, my intention is always to express myself in each painting. With the mark making, there might seem to be recognizable symbols, but that is mostly coincidental, except when I try to work more figuratively.

I have taken part in several exhibitions as a ceramicist, but I regard myself as the “new kid on the block” when it comes to my painted works and thus view painting as the beginning of a new journey.”

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