Mark Posnett is a Graphic Designer and a painter from Johannesburg. He creates large loosely rendered portraits in charcoal on stretched canvases. Being a Graphic Designer, Mark can’t resist including a typographic element to his paintings with a line or sentence from popular literature or music lyrics. The typographic component is painted through a laser cut stencil and rarely has any relevance to the evocative emotional value that his portraits depicts. The text overlaid on his works are incidental and pose a question in order to get the viewer a little more engaged and involved in the work.

The painting process lifts, blends and smudges the charcoal drawing underneath. His artworks capture the tenderness of the models who are figurative models and not portraiture models, thus allowing him to capture the real story behind the work. The faces are all drawn from sitting models and the colour is boldly overlaid in acrylic paint. His colour palette is vivid with a Pop art influence. Gloss and matt glaze medium finishes are used to highlight different areas of his paintings, once again challenging the viewer to look a little deeper. Mark’s work questions what art is, he takes the meaning of art beyond our traditional understanding and appreciation. The language used in his artworks is personal and yet also universal. Thus portraiture and text creates layers and complexities within the work therefore challenging how we interrogate his artworks.