As with other life-forms, Noah Maubane’s work begins with a single particle (in this case of plaster), breaking the water surface, and then another, and the next, so that a compound is formed. The nature of the work, he explains, stems from his solitude and introverted personality. Finally cast in bronze, the figures Noah creates come together to form a series of mirrored images. Each one offers an intimate window into the eyes of the artist, evoking silence, and his gentle and fragile character. A desire for comfort, care, nurturing and belonging burst through the gestures and postures of the figures. Misplacement is the source and at the centre of all of Noah’s work.
Noah Maubane is a Pretoria based artist. He is largely self-taught with no formal art training apart from a modelling and casting course and mentorship with Sybrand Wiechers. Noah is currently on an apprenticeship at the Renzo Vignali Artistic Foundry in Pretoria North. His primary medium of sculpting is plaster, which he casts in bronze.