Michael Linder was born in 1988 in Sweden. His fascination with art began at an early age drawing comics as a teenager Linder moved onto a more expressionist graffiti comic style.

The themes that hold Mic Linders body of work together is time and eternity, what it meant, what it means and what it could mean to be human. His form is born intuitively in the moment as he moves freely between an array of different styles. In his work the process of painting manifests the unspeakable truths found outside of language. His art is a form of waking dream, where his mind process something and condense it into a picture or a sculpture, and this artifact could be viewed as a form of wordless insight or representation of an event.

His paintings are often large-scale, freely scribbled, calligraphic and graffiti-like, echoing his past as a graffiti writer. As an avid adversary to the ideas of ‘authenticity’ connected to ‘style’ Mic Linder paints as though there is no hierarchy between the pictorial worlds and there is no ‘self’ to be found in the form. In his own words “style becomes something you put between yourself and the world… If you want to be honest you can´t be thinking about being coherent at the same time, you just gotta be present. Because otherwise it´s easy to get trapped in a situation where the form becomes your subject, and that´s all backwards… The “form”, or “style” is something that´s supposed to be a channel to the outside, real world, not a dead end.”