Sydney Kumalo is a South African artist, born on the 13th of April 1935, in Sophiatown, and raised in Diepkloof Soweto after his family was removed from his place of birth in Sophiatown. Kumalo passed in 1998. Kumalo began his career in Polly Street, studying under Cecil Skotnes at Polly Street. He later made work alongside Skotnes as he was promoted to teacher. His potential and dedication led Skotnes to arrange for him to work with, and learn from, the sculptor Edoardo Villa. Kumalo gave up teaching in 1965 and established a full-time career in fine art, which was rare amongst black artists in South Africa.

He allied himself with Linda Givon in 1969, the founder of The Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg, which allowed him to exhibit regularly until his death in December 1988.Kumalo exhibited, at the gallery of Egon Guenther and had his work exhibited abroad, participating in prestige events such as the Venice and Sao Paulo Biennales.He began casting the pieces he modeled in clay or plaster into bronze at the Renzo Vignali Artistic Foundry in Pretoria North.

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