Gregoire Boonzaier was born in Newlands, Cape Town, on the 31 July 1909. Boonzaier is recognised as one of South Africa’s longest celebrated artists. Boonzaier was a versatile painter of landscapes, portraits, still lifes, seascapes and figures in oil, watercolour, ink, wash, pencil and charcoal, and a large number of linocuts. Boonzaier’s work is synomous with Cape Impression and is known for this stylistic quality.In 1930?s Boonzaier was the first chairman of the New Group and also was a founding member of the SA Association of Arts in 1944.

Boonzaier has had a positive impact on aspriring artists and those from underprivilagded backgrounds, as he began to success in as an artist. He joined the South African Communist Party in 1948 which created sentimental and uncritical admiration of his reputation from the political perspective. His urban landscapes, depict the elusive nature of his art making, rendered as picturesque the poverty of areas such as District Six and other informal settlements.

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