Lorienne Lotz was born inBulawayo, Zimbabwe in 1954. She completed a Postgraduate diploma in Fine Art at Michaelis, UCT in 2013. Lotz was awarded a Sasol New Signatures Merit Award 2014. Lotz studied under Bill Ainslie in the 80’s at the Johannesburg Art Foundation. From 2008 she attended the Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky (Rosenclaire’s) annual intensive workshops both in Italy and South Africa, as well as Astar process and painting sessions with Lindy Solomon.

Lotz draws her inspiration to paint from the duality of life, with its paradoxes and irony as a constant reminder of our humanity.She draws on her inherent cultural constructs and allows a daily stream of consciousness, interwoven with throw away phrases and personal responses to media and domestic events to surface. From this disparate images arise in which our seemingly certain reality is questioned and where the results are deconstructed in an attempt to subvert meaning so as to enable a multifaceted interpretation.

Lorienne Lotz currently lives and works in Cape Town.

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