Michele Silk - The Dance of Life - 2017

Michele Silk – 2017

Diptych / stretched canvas / 260 cm x 200 cm /

This large work is a personal look at the dance of life , how in South Africa it seems like politicians want people pf different races and cultural backroinds not to get along . No matter how well we dance together ( referencing Mattise’s The Dance painting ) we never seem to make proper contact . The dancers are all made up of the fabric they identify with as part of their cultural heritage , yet African fabric is designed in Holland , made in China …….European fabric is made is also not culturally correct, yet we identify with the differences that make us stand alone , when as human beings we should identify with our similarities .

The young main the left hand corner looks up at his future and wonders where he fits into the dance of life in SA ?

The snake eye figure references a corrupt politician , someone trusted and believed . Yet they are a snake in the grass ……

Michele is the central figure in the painting with one of her beloved cats of overlooking the future of the people of South Africa as the dance plays out .


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