Derek Spaull was born in the UK, in Clitheroe. On leaving Guildford he was awarded the fine art and architectural drawing price for best student of the year. He began his career in an advertising agency in Mayfair and continued his fine art studies at St Martins School of Art London as a part time student. Exhibiting paintings and still life drawings, landscapes, seascapes as well as oil paintings. He then branched out into abstracts. During the next six years he worked in design as well as Freelancing before relocating to Sydney.

Spaull’s inspiration came from a retrospective exhibition titled Two Decades of American Painting which included artists such as Rothko, Warhol and Kline. After moving to South Africa he expanded his graphic design work and was one of the original founders of South Africa’s first graphic design studio, Partners in Graphics ‘PIG”. He completed a series of large scale hard edge abstracts at this time. Spaull has exhibited large calligraphic inspired mixed media works at various galleries he undertook commissions in this genre. Much of his work has been placed in the UK, Australia and elsewhere. After painting a series of African Figurative artworks he began exploring colour filled abstracts which has influence his current body of work.