Christa Myburgh was born in 1972 in South Africa. She studied Fine Art the University of Pretoria 1993. Myburgh grew up on a spacious farm in the Highveld region of South Africa in the midst of Apartheid without knowing it existed. She only later learnt about the reality of the country and the racial struggles. Myburgh’s artwork is rendered in oil on canvas, where she paints local young black women from the township in the town she lives in. She is interested in the gender and racial politics of black women in South Africa, their position during Apartheid as well as current day South Africa.

Her delicate paintings aim to re-contextualize these particular women into a white middle class setting. She wishes to memorialize these women in a prominent manner that lays testament to their triumphs and lack of acknowledgment during the Apartheid era. Her work is not specifically political, yet it expresses her opinion on racial and gender injustices. By painting on canvas with the prospect of been exhibited, these figures become removed from their traditional setting to a new environment and are ‘staged’ in the public eye.

The girls she uses in her work all stay in the local Township and were scouted for the purpose to be painted and used as ‘symbols’ for the once that never had a chance to be recognized for their life changing influences they had in this country. Myburgh currently teaches figure and still life drawing at Bloemfontein Technikon and lives in Bethal, Mapumalanga.