“I stumbled upon painting at the age of seven, but instinctively knew that it would consume my life and define who I would become. Completely self-taught, my journey began with watercolours, transforming the visual contemporary images surrounding my life into works of art – all finding their way to my pallet and the walls of many commercial and private institutions around the world. As with all journeys, the abstract nature of this path soon took hold, and without guidance or persuasion I found myself moving in a completely different direction in a very short space of time. My love for expressionism and movement was hard to suppress. I eventually let my hand roam free, creating the many large works of colour, for which I am known today. I consider myself an abstract painter, but over the years I have done many contemporary paintings, still widely available in print through numerous publishers worldwide.

I am considered to be one of Africa’s most published artists. Apart from the many unexpected walls that provide homes for my works, I have sold widely all over the world and done numerous corporate and private commissions, artworks for Hollywood and TV, greeting cards, hotels, airport lounges and boardrooms. I attend several large international art fairs each year and I am co-owner of the Turner Barnes Gallery in the UK.

My career did not begin with art, but instead, I hold an international Grande Diplome in Cordon Bleu cookery form the prestigious Silwood Kitchens in Rondebosch, South Africa. I worked as a cookery editor for many years before swapping my spatula for a paint brush. My first book, “The Culinary Adventures of a travelling Cook” is the journey of my art and my food, and the canvas that brought them together. Today I keep a studio in South Africa, my home, where I spend a great deal of my day. Doing what I love most, painting.” Natasha Barnes