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The Art Eye Gallery and Studio situated in New Doornfontein, is a collaborative space that perpetuates this idea of free expression and community. AE The Studio, AE The Launchpad and AE The Project Room function in adjoining spaces, creating a synchronicity between traditional workshop spaces and exhibition spaces. AE The Launchpad and AE The Project Room are vibrant new spaces where we hope to explore the infinite scope of South African art making, by shining a light on new and upcoming artists. 

Art Eye has continued to centre its focus on creating platforms for emerging and established artists to gain exposure and create sustainable visual arts careers. AE The Launchpad concomitantly bridges the gap between the formal exhibition space and workshop space allowing for artists to experiment, converse and express their innermost thoughts through the visual arts medium. The Art Eye Gallery and Studio is a venture dedicated to breaking down barriers and celebrating our diversity through Art. Our spaces exist in order to create visibility and conjure discussions around humanity, diversity and create a sense of community between artists and art buyers.

“Unique Art for unique People”

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Past Events


“Unplugged” is an intimate evening with the musical sensation Jesse Clegg. Clegg will be inviting the audience on a musical journey, laid against the unique and majestic backdrop of Johannesburg City. “Unplugged” is especially curated for 40 guests who are interested in experiencing a musical awakening.


The Mickey True Original project was such a wonderful venture that really created a multifaceted exchange between Art Eye and Disney but also between Africa and the rest of the world.

We have been given a remarkable honour to contribute to a narrative that has lasted almost 100 years; one that has been engaged …

Art Eye Gallery

New works on the walls at #ArtEyeGallery. Come visit! Great coffee, great art, beautiful sculpture and wonderful people! Creative energy…….come join us! Why not come down this weekend, we are open Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm

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