It’s been just over a year and look what we have accomplished!

We have to thank our wonderful clients for the years worth of support!!

At first the idea of a studio in a safe and secure place in the inner city was simply to accommodate and serve the need that some of our artists battled for a creative ‘safe place’ where creativity was free to flourish and find its greatness . A place to accommodate and encourage free thought without the outside pressures of life .
We also added a 40 seater dining table where we can invite art lovers and collectors to luck or dine with ART , ARTISTS and or both ! Building bridges , holding hands and encouriging conversation.

Thus #AETheStudio was borne. To much success.

As we spent time in and discovered the inner city and #EllisHouseSA we learnt more about the energy that is needed to allow creative growth to take root and sprout . SPACE . It really is that simple .

In a world where we are all ontop of each other and battle for breathing space we realised that continuing to build our gallery in a small space limited us to the wonderful creative process , thus we decided to take the space next door to the studio and create #AETheLaunchPad . The space is grey and moody , it allows you to interact with the art from a distance due to the vast space , we have a digital projector room where we encourage artists to produce 10 min videos that loop and invite collectors and viewers to discover a little more about thier world .

Due to the huge costs of being in a shopping centre and the sudden death of feat in the retail industry plus due to 5 new malls popping up in the area we took the difficult decision to move our whole operation to the inner city and take another large space which we have called AETheProjectRoom . This is a space that will house our head office and operations centre , a place where we can accommodate corporate interaction thus opening dialogue and ideas between two of our most powerful and influential players in South Africa ……….corporate and the arts !

Take the time to drop in and see what we have built for YOU , for ARTISTS , for THE ARTS , for BUSINESS , for COLLECTORS …….we think you’ll love it as much as we do!

Call +27713862198
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