AE The Project Room Residency

AE The Project Room Residency

#AETheProjectRoom residency takes shape !
Our intention was never to move to the inner city, but to have #AETheStudio be a project space and resistance for out of town and visiting artists , but as the world of malls gets more expensive and offers less we decided to take the plunge and secure almost 2000 m2 of creative space in #EllisHouseSa
A great building in a great area this creative building pulses with artistic energy !
#AETheProjectRoom is an #ArtEyeGallery initiative to engage corporate interest and spend focusing on building our emerging artists , collaborative opportunities for young artists with more established artists , a dedicated space with two bedrooms and two work stations where all the paint , paper and canvas is supplied !
A place to escape the world and create all those great ideas that everyday life pressures often suppress.
So keep your ‘ eye ‘ on us ……..we’ll keep posting the great works and creative fusion that this space gives birth to.
#ArtEyeGallery #ContemporaryArt

Here is a little information on the AE The Projectroom Residency:

Art Eye Gallery has directed its focus on being a platform for great expression and story telling. Our artists are not only dedicated to their individual practices but express narratives that are directly focused on what it means to live in South Africa. With grave diversity and cultural miscellany, South African Contemporary Visual Art communicates a continent of richness not only of being but also of art making to an international audience.

In an age where our traditions, ideologies and socio-political stance can affect and disable the often fragile interaction with those around us. We are constantly influx as we try to negotiate our individual realities and simultaneously exchanging those differences between each other through interactions and various mediums. Visual Arts within Contemporary South Africa seems to highlight this interplay as artists use their own narratives as subject matter for their works. Contemporary Visual Arts seems to transcend its object(ness) as a commercial commodity and exists often as a signifier of the space and time, which we occupy.

ART EYE GALLERY is an independently owned company that has developed beyond exhibition and gallery functionality. The gallery now includes various studio and project spaces located in New Doornfontein, Johannesburg.

Brief description of residency program

The residency programme is a recent development which allows artists the freedom to work within the gallery space, as well as to collaborate with a number of other artists working during the same time. This programme is one in a series of developments which aim to broaden the scope of creative practice and artistic development. Having moved premises to the Johannesburg inner city where the creative community is constantly multiplying, we aim to diversify our product offering by running mulitlple projects conitimitantly. Art Eye Gallery in comprised of a number of spaces including AE The Launchpad, AE The Studio, the AE The Projectroom and the AE The Studiobox(s), all diverse in functionality however simultaneously contribute to the contemporary artistic narrative and challenge established notions of artistic production and art making. We encourage resident artists to challenge their own sensibilities and practice during their time in the AEStudio, often challenging materiality modes of expression, as well as modes of collaboration and unconventional exhibiton practice.

AE The Projectroom situated in New Doornfontein, is a collaborative space that perpetuates this idea of free expression and community. AE The Projectroom, is born from the vision of the Art Eye Gallery which founded in 2013 in The Design Quarter, Fourways. AE The Projectroom is an experimental project space, which hosts a number of innovative and creative collaborations by artists from different scopes of the South African art scene.

The Art Eye Gallery spaces encourage collaborative and individual creation, asking artists to think and make work that contributes to the wider community. As the gallery is an open space, our open ended accessibity means resident artists seldom work alone; artists from various disciplines are able to come together, converse and engage, create and share work with each other. Our belief is that freedom of space and materiality allows us to interact with others, ourselves and our expression in a much truer way, which subsequently gives light to new works and new ideas.

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