Zungu Tito


ZUNGU TITOTito Zungu was born in 1946 and died in Mapumulo, just outside Durban, which was largely been the locus of his practice. With no formal art training, it was through Jo Thorpe at the African Art Centre had he first came to public exposure. His work is part of the collection there.
Aside from his drawings and lithographs, he is best known for the envelopes that he decorated, something which he began doing in to the 1950's.
It has been fascinating to observe the shift in his clientele and assess the story that it tells about a quickly transforming social and political landscape in South Africa. From the appeal to immigrant workers hoping to send embellished letters to their friends and families far away, to a wealthy market of people who use these envelopes as a means to contact a politically compromised past in order to retell stories from alternative perspectives.