Wenning Pieter


WENNING PIETERPieter Wenning was born on the 9th of September 1873, in Holland. Wenning left Holland in 1905 and moved to South Africa where he took up employment in the Pretoria branch of a Dutch bookselling firm. Wenning has had an influential affect on South African art making and has been seen as the progenitor of Cape Impressionism. Wenning was a self taught painter and etcher. He started his career painting in his spare time until 1916, when a group of patrons funded him in order for him to have the time to work full time, for a period of three months. The Cape Peninsula reminded Wenning of his homeland, with its misty winter climate, which he preferred to the sunlit harshness of the Transvaal. Wenning managed to maintain his artistic independence by managing to sell enough work to repay his patrons and continue making work. Unfortunately his practice of working incessantly outdoors, regardless of inclement weather, also undermined the fragile health that had originally driven him from Holland.