Jensma Wopko


JENSMA WOPKOWopko Jensma was born 26 July 1939 Ventersdorp, South Africa. Jensma was a South African poet and artist, who's work reflected its context as a commentator of apartheid and racial issues. Jensma published three collections of poetry before his disappearance in 1993. Jensma enrolled for a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts with Botshabelo Training College and the University of Pretoria, for which he majored in sculpture. During this period, Jensma also worked as an editor for Gerwe Magazine, and as a translator for the Afrikaanse Boekhandel Beperk. Jensma has been known for his extensive traveling, and work experience in countries such as Swaziland, Botswana and Mozambique. He taught art at Serowe Art School in Botswana. His extensive travels gave his written word layers of different influences, as he made use of a number of different languages and cultures. His poetry amplified his position as a racial activist, and as a privileged white artist, he spoke openly about the injustices that were experienced by black people during apartheid.