Van Halter Francois


VAN HALTER FRANCOISFrancois Van Halter was born in Ghent Belguim in 1923. Having a rich artistic influence from his family, Van Halter has been inevitably drawing and painting from his childhood. He began painting full time from about 1970, and began to develop his skill and individual style. His work encompasses a vast range of subjects matter and aesthetic appeal and reflects a sensibility in his work that reflects real life scenes. Along with his large body of work Van Halter is also a poet and enjoys writing pieces which still reflect his stylistic sensibility. Van Halter's work has been said to possess 'uncompromising technical virtuosity and enormous assurance and freshness, paintings pay tribute to historical masters such as Van Gogh, Cezanne, de Kooning and Kline.' "Life is complex. That is a good enough reasonable to be versatile" ....van Halter