Viljoen Calla


20160707 161750Calla Viljoen was born on the 8 October 1979 in Kroonstad South Africa. He grew up as the youngest child of three boys and graduated grade 12 in Kroonstad where he attended the "Rooiskool", he started his creative process at the age of 14 and enjoyed drawing, painting and printmaking. Viljoen graduated from high school in 1997 and enrolled at Pretoria Technikon in 1998 where he did a four-year art diploma majoring in printmaking and painting.

Viljoen's artwork is about transcendence, a look beyond the physical three dimensions that we occupy in our consciousness. In his work Viljoen questions what lies beyond what we visually perceive as the truth and reality, he attempts to peel back the layers to reveal the hidden unknown world – where it sometimes leads to an epiphany. Just like looking at the atomic and sub atomic; it is vital for Viljoen to explore the infinities of space and draw a connection between the two which is part of one singularity. In his artworks Viljoen talks about self-realization; he believes that it is important for human beings to have a sublime moment where they are at an equilibrium with themselves as well as the world around them. "I want to show the fact that there is no boundary between us as humans and the world that we interact with" he says. His artworks try to make people understand that we shouldn't limit our way of thinking and that we shouldn't take things for granted. We now live a digital age where people relate better to technology than with mother nature's gifts and his artworks put a spotlight on the world we live in and challenges the viewer to consider how wasteful we can be when we begin to rely on technology more that the air we breathe.