Oliver Jane



Jane Oliver was born in 1951 in Zimbabwe. She attended Bulawayo Technical College School of Art from 1968 – 1971, and obtained a Diploma in Commercial Art (Graphic Design). In 1972 Oliver moved to Harare, Zimbabwe, where she pursued a career in the advertizing industry. In 1982 she moved with her family to Durban, South Africa.

In 2001 she began painting in oils and enrolled in life drawing classes at the Durban Technikon. In 2004 Oliver enrolled as a part time NDP student at the Kwazulu Natal University in Pietermaritzberg, to study painting & printmaking, and worked informally to Post Graduate Level.

Oliver has exhibited in group exhibitions in Pietermaritzburg, Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. She had work accepted for the Jubulisa Exhibition at the Tatham Art Gallery. Oliver had a solo Exhibition entitled ’Under The Surface’ in 2009 at the KZNSA Gallery in Durban. She was the winner of the Nivea Art Award in 2009. Oliver has a work in the Tatham Art Gallery collection as well as in the Empangani Museum in Zululand.

Oliver’s work includes figurative as well as landscape imagery. Her preferred medium is oil on canvas or board, as well as implementing elements of collage. Her current body of work explores memory, dreams and imagination. These works are loosely painted, colourful and often have exposed drawn areas. Brush marks are often visible and glazing techniques are used to create layers.