Deetlefs Talitha


STUDIO-2Talitha Deetlefs was born in Heidelberg in 1980. She attended the Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, where she studied painting and printmaking. She relocated to Cape Town in 2003 and for a number of years worked in the film and decor industry. It was during this time that she developed a keen interest in sculpture and in 2007 accepted a position at an art foundry in Stellenbosch where she became familiar with all production and business aspects of sculpture creation and bronze casting. Her body of work was well received when she started exhibiting in 2009 and her work can now be seen in select galleries and private collections worldwide.

Deetlefs' current work pays tribute to the strength of the feminine spirit. The striking female figures give physical form to a powerful and ageless force residing in the feminine psyche. This wild and natural aspect of the feminine spirit is the source of a still but dynamic strength inspiring women to take their own journeys.

Deetlefs' working method transforms an original clay sculpture through the processes of moulding, composite casting and metalworking. Paying special attention to detail and design, her female figures are clothed in layers of metal. Deetlefs' employs a selection of new and salvaged sheet metal. Each piece of metal is one of a kind in texture, colour and even thickness which in turn yields a collection of exclusive works of art available in a limited series. Selected sculptures are available in bronze.