Prinsloo Rory


IMG_20180323_191802.jpgRory Alan Prinsloo was born in 1964 in Johannesburg South Africa. Prinsloo has always been compelled to make art from an early age. He was encouraged by his mother and grandfather in the endeavor and was sent to Johannesburg school of Art, Music and Ballet from the age of 12.

Prinsloo went on to forge a career in advertising for a few years and then moved abroad and travelled around the world with his partner Juliet, before their permanent return to South Africa. The partners opened a mannequin manufacturing company that has rapidly taken up the last 25 years of their lives. In all of this time he has always been compelled to nd some time to dedicate to the making of "My Own Art ", he states. Prinsloo has sold, continued to sell and exhibit his work by means of various informal channels. The success of his business at this time has allowed him to indulge his compulsions a bit more often in the last year or two with the promise of a more full time ne art career in the next few years. He works both in his studio in Lanseria, Jhb and in his studio in Italy. "I know I will always continue to create art, be it a little or a lot and I will always be inspired to try express " awareness " , as central in the work I create." - Rory.