Reyneke Hannes


1-1-1.jpgI have spent my whole working life in the entertainment industry and have learned that any successful piece of art needs a good and strong story. There must be a strong narrative in a work of art, be it music, literature or the Visual arts.


What is art? For me art is the reflection of the era that the artist lives in. Thus the art of today should depict contradictions. We pride ourselves on how civilized we are but hardly a day goes by without some war being fought. We live in a time of absolute wealth and absolute poverty and the list goes on and on. As one grows older one becomes aware of change, even in yourself. Everything seem transient. Landmarks disappear, relationships end and new ones start, even the values that shaped and made you who you are becomes less important and new ones takes its place. In most of my works I try to show the decay that has set in, everything seems to be temporary and even in the transience there is beauty.


There is beauty even in decay. To try and achieve this I use photographs of everyday scenes that we walk past and not notice because of their familiarity, I then manipulate them to enhance these qualities. The transience and the beauty. This I do through a proses we decided to call Digital PhotoArt. Not to be confused with art photos or so called photo shopped photos.