I was born in South Africa, in the Eastern Cape, in a small village called Ngqeleni. I am the third born of five children.

Academically, I studied Biomodical Technology in the Free State, which led me to work in private laboratories like Pathcare and Ampath between 2003 – 2008

In 2009 I moved to France, where I am currently still leaving.
Immediately when I arrived in France I realised how culture can be used to educate, empower, and give economical freedom to people. I also saw that African artists where not represented enough in Europe.

I realised there and then that there was a role I needed to play, however to took me 4 years before putting together my first exhibition. I also had to empower myself by learning the French language, culture, history and by working side by side with French people. This made me learn and understnd my market better.

As a result within two years I was able to organise 9 exhibitions in France and two in South Africa. Co-ordinate events for South Africa producers in Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival and the Mipcom.

In 2017 my work got noticed by the French President Mr Macron, who then asked me to join a group called CPA (conseil presidential pour Afrique) of 11 Africans to advise him on the contemporary Africa, in so doing helping him make better policies for Africa.

My role is to advise him on culture and education. This job I do voluntary and I continue on my own capacity under my Company Undiscovered Canvas to promote African arts and Culture in Europe.

I am part of the team that will organise the African Cultural Season in 2020 as announced by President Emmanuel Macron in Burkina Faso 2017.