ART EYE Artists in the Gallery




Art Eye Gallery has directed its focus on being a platform for great expression and story telling. Our artists are not only dedicated to their individual practices but express narratives that are directly focused on what it means to live in South Africa today. With grave diversity and cultural miscellany, South African Contemporary Visual Art communicates a continent of rich visual aesthetics.


We have worked very closely with our artists by encouraging an atmosphere of experimentation and innovation in our art spaces. Art Eye has preceded even my own expectation by constantly reimagining itself and the role that it has to play in the South African Art industry. Our newly developed spaces, The AE Launchpad, AE Studio and AE Project Room are all dedicated to providing a stimulating experience of Art in this phenomenal 1500 square metre exhibition and studio space on the 5th Floor of Ellis House Art Studios. Situated in the heart of New Doornfontein the new Art Eye Gallery spaces are truly challenging the conventions of creative art spaces in Johannesburg. Our vision continues to transcend boundaries by pushing the envelope and continuously imagining bigger ideas and more importantly imaginative collaborations.




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