Friday, 11 November 2016 00:00


Through The Roof And Underground.


Artists Juanita Frier and John Vlismas share a wicked sense of humour and an observational sense of mischief.

Different eyes with a same lens, perhaps. These two have collided in the studio and the outcome is funny, profound, heartbreaking and uplifting.

Allowing each to "vandalise" the other's work, they have found a rhythm of give and take that takes their sum to a new level.

The pair say that the show is about the ephemeral nature of hugely moments: "life-changing moments are never really made of bronze or stone - they are glued together with dreams, glue, prayer and hope - there is a fragility to every emotion - that's why bubble wrap is at the core of these figures. We all teeter on the edge all the time, and our work does that to. We are no more than some graffiti on a wall of stars, our hearts are counting down from beat one, and yet we laugh and fuck and lose and fight - such grand ideas we have for a bit of DNA glued to some oxygen, powered by sunlight.

Come and see Through the Roof and Underground - a collection of oil painting, sculpture and works on paper.


PLEASE JOIN US FOR THIS QUIRKY EXHIBITION OPENING ON THE 1ST OF DECEMBER 2016. PLEASE REMEMBER TO RSVP TO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for admittance for this exhibition.